Dear Sir/Madam!

Coloring hair isn’t just choosing a color from the bottle. It is in fact much, much more.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a hair colorist with 18 years of experience. I am working in the hair styling industry, a job which I’ve always dreamed of. My skills have developed by a combination of hard training and plentiful working experience. I consider myself to be quite skilled and creative. I have also gathered knowledge about all sorts of coloring technology over the years.

I am aware that keeping up with modern processes and technologies in hair coloring is most essential for high quality results.
I have developed a great understanding of the chemistry of haircolor products and also the physics of mixing colors.
During my long years of experience, I have developed a creative eye for mixing truly striking colors.

I am grateful for the given ability to visualize shades in conjuction with the client’s skin tone, eye color and their general appearance to create an individual complementary style. I love and enjoy working with people and professionals from my field of work.

I would be honoured to get the opportunity to get hired to conduct my advanced hair coloring classes, taking advantage of my organisational skills to present my modern techniques in the field of coloristics.

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With love. Yours truly,
Nives Grlj